Powerwash llc is a locally-owned truck fleet washing and pressure cleaning service that has served the Inland Northwest area and surrounding communities since 1998. We take great pride in what we do; from our facility, our equipment, our people, to our quality of service. While others may just wash trucks,we CLEAN them!  Nobody can get your equipment cleaner at a better price.

 Because of our size, Powerwash llc can service any size fleet quickly and efficiently, at a time when your trucks are least active. Our fleet is second to none in capability, quality and quantity, and we are regularly updating our equipment to keep up with new technologies in the fleet washing industry. What this means for you is a high quality wash at a very reasonable price. We are also very experienced at cold weather washing, so we can service your fleet year round and keep them looking great.
Plus, we don’t need to use your water when we wash your trucks. That can become very costly to you.  Rather, we bring our own water to your location, and plenty of it, because when you’re short on water, the quality of the truck washing suffers. And if there’s one thing you can count on from Powerwash llc, it’s a quality wash at a great price.