PC 109: Is a concentrated liquid cleaner with alkaline builders, formulated for fast removal of oil, and grease bonded soils. PC109 quickly penetrates the most stubborn soils to deliver a fast thorough cleaning. PC109 delivers both solvent and detergent actions, boosted with emulsifiers and wetting agents for deep cleaning most Surfaces not affected by water. Cleans floors, walls, metal surfaces, forklifts, undercarriages, farm equipment and stainless steel.

KC280: is a unique solvent made especially to dissolve grease, oil, grime and gunk from metal surfaces, floors, walls, heavy equipment, forklifts, and general cleaning and degreasing of dumpsters, kitchen areas, kitchen equipment, pipes, drains and grease traps. KC280 has a natural citrus base with excellent deodorizing abilities. It is non-acid, non-caustic and non-corrosive. KC280 is a clear emulsion and leaves a clean, bright surface without any oily fi lm or residue. May be used with Hot or Cold Water Systems, mop, brush spray or by hand.

CD400: Cleaner Degreaser is a heavy duty water based alkaline detergent fortified with solvents and special emulsifiers designed to quickly cut through grease, oil, hydraulic fluid, and other soils from most surfaces. May be used in Two Step Machines to pretreat frames, engine compartments, frames, fifth wheels and other grease saturated areas. Cleaner Degreaser is a Heavy Duty Alkaline-Butyl Product and must be used with care. Soft paint, anodized or polished aluminum will be damaged.

HD440: Detergent is an alkaline cleaner for use in cleaning heavy soil, grease, and dirt. This product may be used hot or cold in removing heavy build-up; however, hot water systems enhance the caustic nature of HD440 Detergent. HD440 Detergent is ideally suited to clean heavy equipment, garbage trucks, and dumpsters. Exterior cleaning of trailers where chicken fat, diesel soot, and oils accumulate are easily cleaned. Used hot, this product will dissolve and emulsify fats and grease. Cold pre-wash solutions may be used safely on painted trailers for complete removal of stubborn soils.

HD442: A Hood Cleaner specially formulated for use in the Food Service and Restaurant Industries. HD442 does only one thing: Makes a normal laborious chore simple, easy and efficient. HD442 does not contain Caustic Soda, Butyl Solvent, or create foam. It simply dissolves grease. Works best when diluted with equal parts of very hot water and sprayed on surfaces to be degreased (Stainless surfaces only). Avoid bodily contact. This product is aggressive and will damage organic matter, soft metals like aluminum and of course polished or anodized aluminum.

STO336: Tar and Asphalt Remover is made from nature’s own solvents to quickly and safely remove tar and asphalt on trucks, paving equipment, frames, distributors, panels, roofing loaders, kettles and heavy equipment. An excellent bed coating for asphalt haulers. applied as is, undiluted, by sprayer allowed to penetrate, then washed with Hot Steam or High Pressure Hot Water. Does not contain petroleum products or hydrocarbon solvents. STO336 is non-toxic, biodegradable and non-corrosive.